Learning to read..

We had been doing bedtime reading and reading as and when there's time. The kids have grown to love reading. However, eventhough Keziah is turning 4, she still can't read on her own. She had been learning the letter sounds since she was 2ish and know her letters really well. Mommy decided to start on a reading to help her. This hooked on Phonics set was bought some time last year and finally, it's out for use. Keziah was quite excited to begin reading as there's a story after learning one or two word families. We started with the "at" family and she breezed through that. Her zeal was nonetheless shortlived as we moved on the more word families ("an", "ap", "ad", "ag"). She tended to read by memory rather than blending the letters. Guess we just have to be consistent and try to take small step each time.