K's Wish List

Wow, it's just less than a week to K's birthday celebration. A few friends have been asking what Keziah would like to have. In the past it would have come quite easily but somehow, this year Mommy didn't quite know how to respond.

Keziah has really grown up girl, wanting things a typical girl would like: Disney Princesses, Barbie, high heels, accessories ranging from hair to necklaces, bracelet and even rings, fairy dresses. Making her own necklaces from the beads we have had been one of her favourite pastime when not disrupted by her brother. Are girls just born naturally vain?

Of course, she has somehow grown to love doing puzzles along with her brother and now she's becoming a teacher to him, telling him where to place his pieces and even doing it for him. So far we stopped at 24pc puzzles and have yet to look out for more to challenge her.

Eversince we agreed to keeping a pet, starting with 2 tortoises, she's been asking for fish. Hmm...we still haven't gone on to that coz after all, it's Daddy and Mommy who are doing the cleaning.

She's also going green! Not that she's environmentally friendly, she's been eyeing on Nei Nei's flower pots just outside of the house and so keen on what's growing in there. She's been asking to grow something and today, she was asking our neighbour so keenly on what's he's doing when she saw him weeding and replanting his yard.
Pink Childrens Gardening Kit
Kids Gardening Kit Pink
As usual with this girl, she's a very hands-on person and she loves manipulatives. We've been looking out for some to help her in her reading and math development. Fun and educational - 2-in-1.

Of course, she's very happy with the idea of upgrading Abel to bed coz she wants to sleep on the top deck of a bunk bed. It's just when Daddy and Mommy are going to expand her Flexa bed to this:
You can guess why she's so excited! If we ever do it soon, it's to stop her from "invading" Daddy's and Mommy's room in the middle of the night. There again, we might have one more "visitor" since Abel won't be constrained by the cot anymore.

After awhile, Mommy realised probably kids of about the same age ask for about the same things. Mommy's friend whose daughter is turning 5 is also eyeing at similar stuff. What are kids all about?