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March holidays is here and somehow this one week break just passed so quickly. Mommy was on course on Monday and Tuesday and so that left us with only the remaining of the week to play together. Since Monday was only half a day out, so Mommy dropped Keziah off to Aunt Celina to play with her kids at Bishan and lunch over at her place. It was also an opporunity for her to catch up with her and Aunt Joanna after her training was over before bringing Keziah home. Guess what, apparently the kids did a lot of workout that morning, running around the track at the active park and probably covering 800 - 1000 m. She must had such great fun that she refused to go home with Mommy.

It's definitely alot of play and going out. We were out to two playscapes within the remaining 3 days. First on Wednesday morning, it was Keziah meeting with her usual church gang at Toa Payoh Safra Kidzamze. Abel was off to school in the meanwhile.

Then it was Thursday at Fidgets in the afternoon after their naps with Aunt Danyun, Uncle Francis and their little Yingjie. The intent was for an afternoon out at the zoo but it rained heavily. So nowhere could be better than an indoor playground. Abel took awhile to warm up but Keziah was surprisingly brave to run around on her own. She would more often than not be a follower of an older brother or sister to try new stuff. Today, she took the lead to bring her brother around and the kids did great! Abel transversed the heights on his own after a little prodding at the start, walking across the cargo net and negotiating the obstacles on his own. He even went down a steep slide probably about 3-4m high but only for that once. Keziah even asked to go up on her own to the tallest spiral slide and she was definitely exhilarated coming down it.
Friday was day out to the long awaited play "Ollie and the Slurge". Ollie is bullied at school, because of his appearance, and his ideas on caring for the environment. The boss bullies Ollie’s father at work, because times are hard. The boss’s wife bullies the boss at home, because she always wants more money. One day, the boss orders Ollie’s father to dump some unwanted waste into the sea to save money. The Slurge Monsters soon grow and transform very quickly to terrify the city! While the Slurge Monsters devour everything in their path, Ollie has an accidental meeting with Spudge, a special little creature with a conscience. Together, they deal with bullies and learn how to destroy the Slurge Monsters!

Keziah would have gone with her school for this play but Mommy has preceded the teachers in booking the tickets. Mommy was rather impressed with the production but sadly, eventhough it was the last day of the performance, we met with a huge schoolgroup and worse when it's from an international school. Kids were just out of control even when there were so many accompanying teachers and parents. Ok, kids are just kids! Or is it how you train them? Keziah was all memerised during the show but was also frightened when the slurge monsters appeared and the loud accompliments. It's a good experience Mommy believes for the kids but at this age of 4, parents will still have to talk them through so that they will understand the happenings.