Visit from Cynthia Jie Jie

Cynthia jie jie was here on a business trip from HK. She was Daddy's coursemate in the university. 2 years back, she was here as well and we went sentosa together. This time, we only had time for a dinner. She actually also the unannounced 'Godma' of the kids as she will never fail to bring them gifts when she comes by. As usual, Daddy and Mommy brought her to try some local delight the Singaporean way - Food Republic at VivoCity! Ok, it's not the hawker as the little ones won't be able to keep still with the heat. Just look at how Keziah warmed up to her, so pally after shying away for a little while.

"Let me offer you a drink. I've finished my Soyamilk drink, so you can finish yours too."

"Hmm...the noodles and prawn look so good..."

"Should I take the offer? Not very nice right?"

Meanwhile, Abel was just up from his nap and after his milk, he was all satisfied and smiley.

"Let's take some pictures...thanks for allowing me to handle the camera..Cheese.."

Our parting shot...