Cookie Cutter

Today, Aunt Natalie and Uncle Chris dropped by to drop off some cookie cutters which Mommy asked Aunt Natalie to buy. Aunt Natalie got the Melody and Sugar Bunny ones. They are so cute. Can't wait to use them to make some cute sandwiches for Keziah. Just look at the ones that Aunt Natalie made for her darling Cheryl. Haha...Mommy's so tempted to get the Hello Kitty ones for her too!


Joey Yeo said...

Hi Ms Lim (hmm, i have no idea your initials for mrs sorry!), it is really a pleasure reading your blog, never fails to bring a sense of peace seeing your two little kids!

Hope you dont mind me reading your blog! haha, got it from your facebook profile. =)

Joanie said...

Hi, pleasantly surprised that you've been following the blog. As always still Ms Lim..heehee...hope my kids bring you joy when you see them too.

Joey Yeo said...

Haha... oh well, it is really interesting to see a different aspect in life... never fails to bring some sense of peace in me whenever i see the smiles on your kids faces! haha!

I do have a wide collection of people's blog though! haha...

take care ms lim!