Can't people have a greater sense of responsibility?

Mommy is totally upset with the contractor for cheating on us. She wouldn't be so upset about being overcharged if not for him saying he's purchasing mattress for us at a lower cost than retail with free divan. End up we realised that the amount we paid was even higher than the retail price out at shops unless he can tell us that the mattress was delivered wrongly. We wanted to give him a benefit of doubt but he refused to answer our calls. It's not even pocketed spring and 2 layered as confirmed by him. Now we wonder how much we were overpaying for the house renovation and accessories for the quality. He now simply sends his foreman who doesn't give us a good impression to face us. Too busy? Biz too good? What started off well turned up quite bad at the end. Whose fault? Us not supervising the job and trusting it will be well done or the contractor for not being honest with us?

Today, Mommy will go down and supervise the job rectification. Hopefully all will be resolved by today and case close. As Mommy is still breastfeeding Didi, she has to take a short trip back in the afternoon at least once to express to avoid engorgement and rush back. She had informed beforehand of the plans and yet this morning someone has to take the opportunity of this window space to say she needs to photocopy something when Mommy comes back down in town. If baby is sleeping it's fine, what if he's fussing? Mommy only has 2 hands and she can't be expressing and carrying baby to soothe him right? It's already frustrating with the contractor, now there's something more to be frustrated about. Yes, it's Mommy's responsibility to care for the child. Mommy would have brought DiDi along if not for the dust and lacquer that they will be using. Imagine such a small infant having to take the smell and dust? Even after the lacquer was applied previously, the solvent still caused Mommy's eyes to tear during the last visit. Even a layman would know that such is bad for the child's development. Wonder when is the last straw that will make Mommy blow up in front than be a silent acceptor for Daddy's sake. Her face is already quite black. Then again, what's the point of blowing up and souring things? Anyway, Mommy should be thankful that they are already trying coz not everyone is the same. After all, she gets help with:
1) picking up of Keziah from Ah Ma's place
2) some company when at home
3) some overseeing when there's a need and there's availability (even Shu Shu chips in to help with playing with one while MOmmy hurries with the other)
4) some overseeing while Mommy washes both up for the night
5) meals cooked or bought most times
Though unlike others whose help is total even for nights, and life as parents seemed no different from without, maybe then Mommy will complain of overpossession as well.

Really can't people have a greater sense of responsibility and do what they have promised? If you can't commit, rather say NO than drop a bomb on the day or be found out untrue unless unforeseen circumstances. Guess the world just isn't that ideal and we just have to be more prepared and take everything with a pinch on salt to depend on our own. Favours are given. Now Mommy thinks about the time she will have to go back to work and especially for the month of July, when it might even end up she can't be back home till late at night due hosting a conference, it really bugged her, and all the more so when Daddy is so busy at work and home late too!