Mother's Day

Last weekend was Mother's Day. It went by without Mommy even realising it seriously. It was merely another day. It wasn't till another mommy from the forum asked about how it was celebrated. Not sure if it's due to going through it the 2nd time, there wasn't much aside a family dinner the previous weekend. That forum mommy was telling Mommy how her hubby took her out for a nice dinner with their son, bought her card and gift till her son is able to do so. Mommy will have to wait till these 2 little ones know what Mother's Day is and surprise her with their little gifts. It's certainly nice to be appreciated for the hard work of labour by your other half. Though Daddy didn't do that, he did take a day off on Monday to spend some time together to bring Keziah to visit a childcare and take the two for their jabs. Sometimes it's really difficult to compare what others hubby can do. Guess it's taking every bit as being appreciative even when it's just shared parenting. Little gifts comeby nice with a little more thought. Today, Daddy bought Mommy her favourite durian roll. Oh yes, Daddy 'feeds' Mommy WELL. No wonder Mommy can't slim down..haha....Everyday can be celebrated too! Think the next thing Mommy's looking forward to is their wedding anniversary. A champange brunch at Greenhouse@Ritz? Steak at Lawry's? Korean food at Kim's? Something different? A time for two without the little ones?