Everyone's started school...

Yes, everyone has started school and after 2 weeks for Abel, and a week half for Keziah, both of them finally settled down. Daddy was able to drop them off without tears and whines. Abel has grown to enjoy the little blue car in his school's playground, a bait for him to go in without crying his lungs out. You should have seen him wail his lungs out the first few days, cling onto Daddy and had to be literally 'torn off' Daddy, roll on the floor in protest and attempt to climb over the low fence surrounding the playground to get out of school.

Keziah had no problem going on the schoolbus for her ride home from first day. That was a big relief. She has also grown to be more responsive with her description of her school experience with some leading questions. It was no longer 'I don't know' or 'nothing'. She certainly loved the jam sandwiches she gets for her teabreak for that will be the first to be mentioned.

Mommy also tried to share her day's going with Keziah. It wasn't much for the first week but more to get to know her new colleagues, attend certain training and getting used to the way things are run in the new school. One thing Mommy realised was that Keziah was eager to know what's happening to Mommy at school. She would always love to ask in return Mommy's day after she's done with hers.

Thank God that it's a rather short settle in phase this time round for the kids.


Princess of Smiles said...

I saw Abel one day (coz I was late for work..) He was soooooooo good!!!!!!