Birthday Celebration with Classmates

Today Keziah had her celebration in school with her friends. For the first time, Mommy saw all her classmates as Keziah's on schoolbus and Daddy is the one who drops her off. Interesting to hear how the school celebrates the kids' birthday. The birthday kid is invited up on stage to a dummy birthday cake and the whole assembly will sing a birthday song to him/her. Afterwhich, they can celebrate their birthdays in class with the REAL cake. How sweet!

We had some fun at Fidgets again! This time, Abel was more than eager to run around on his own to explore the place compared to when we went with him in March hols. Then he needed some warm-up time. Now the place is his world!

Our little girl requested for McDonald's for dinner and since it was her birthday, we allowed. Somehow McDonald just has a draw on the kids.

Our little Abel wanted nothing else aside from a few mouthful of corn and nothing else but fries! Yes, fries dipped in tomato sauce.