Keziah's 4th Birthday @ Zoo

Birthday with a difference this year for Keziah. It's at her favourite spot, the zoo, with her friends! Today she also had many other firsts!

We were welcomed by the party signage at the entrance and off we went for the ferry ride - her first!
The kids were all so excited and can't wait to get on the ferry. It was such a coincidence that some of her friends from her previous school hit the ferry the same time as us. The girls just wanted to sit together.
On the ride, we were introduced to the water monitor lizard and the crocodile. The kids got to feel the the skin of a water monitor lizard which was retrieved from illegal hunters and also the egg shell of the crocodile. First experience again!
As we were early, the kids had some time to just go wet and wild in the water park at Kidzworld while we waited for the rest of the guests to stream in.
The party venue:

Here's our friends at the party:
The little girls who can't stop catching up with one another, so did the mommies
Our relatives...
Friends from music school..
As it was a surprisingly crowded day at the zoo, we had our meal of KFC before going into game time of nothing more familiar than music chairs and treasure hunt. However, the kids were more interested in playing with one another that only a few were left playing the treasure hunt.
Cake cutting time! The lovely Hello Kitty with compliments from Andy Pak Pak and Yee Mei Pak Mei. Yee Mei Pak Mei's sister was the baker behind the scene for the creation of this lovely rich chocolate cake as well as the cute kitty shortcake gift pack! It was so customised that some mommies even thought that Mommy made it herself. Mommy wished she could have just such great skills!
As much we remembered to take our family pic, Mommy realised only thereafter that she forgot to get the kids to have a picture together for memory. Sorry my little dearies, Aunt will remember the next time.
We never missed exploring the zoo even today. Feeding animals was the kids' favourite and we caught the 1.30pm feeding of the rabbits and guinea pigs.

First ride on the pony! Complimentary for the birthday girl. Keziah has really grown and now has greater courage to try out things new. She had no fear going on the pony and was all smiles throughout the ride. She even touched the pony and told mommy that its hair was rough and spiky.
And for others, they ended their day at the waterplay. Hope everyone had great fun and family bonding time!
Thank you everyone for your lovely gifts! How did her friends know that she likes Hello Kitty? We had quite a number of Hello Kitty gifts of different sorts.

The day didn't end after our zoo party. We went for another party to celebrate one of Keziah's good friend, Cheryl. Fun to have a party with a playscape. The kids were literally entertaining themselves while parents caught up. Even little Abel scaled the heights after some warm up time in the ballpit. Daddy even had to transverse the structure eventually to get our dear Abel down to go home.
And we know Aunt Nat will never disappoint us with wonderful cakes at party!


Mummy said...

keziah's party must have been a blast! :)

and thank you for coming to c's party too. i was just wondering where in the world did the kids get all their energy. haha