Shopping to get organised..

Our place and Ta Ta's place are getting really cluttered with the kids' toys. Time to get organised! Having been inspired by Aunt Pauline's workbox system, we got out today to ikea to get some storage boxes and bits and pieces to make our play cum learning environment at both houses more welcoming. Nowhere else but to Ikea we trotted where there were loads of ideas to draw from. Not to mention the kids can get their fill of food and play.

We ordered our usual fare of chicken wings, meat balls and spaghetti to fill the hungry tummies.

Then we headed straight for the children's section. The kids were busy jumping around on the bed and messing about the mockup playarea. However, being weekend, there were many kids and some were rather rowdy. 

Returning home with a cart full of goodies. Look at the happy faces! Who were they waving to? None else but daddy dearest to bring their loot home.

Despite being a one-stop furniture store, we still couldn't find a suitable shelf (trying to strike a balance of economy of cost) and children chairs (out of stock till end April).