Day out with Mommy

We haven't quite had time alone for a long time. Today, Keziah was off from school and Mommy also had her day off from work. We had some last minute shopping to deal with before her party the next day. Mommy has already gotten her a dress and hair ties and now it was just left with her princess heels which she had wanted so very much. We were racing against time as we had to drop Abel off to school, collect Daddy's parcel from the post office, then shop around Robinson's first before landing at United Square for our shoe hunt if we can't get any and have our lunch all before picking Abel up from school lastest by 1pm.

It was definitely a busy morning. We finally found a pair of lovely shoes albeit a size bigger for our darling princess. Just look at her smile of satisfaction!

Our simple lunch of wan ton char siew noodles of which our little gal insisted on eating with chopsticks. Hmm...wonder if it tasted better as such?