Shopping and eating @ Vivo

Seriously, we hardly go out on weekends to shop. However, this Saturday, Daddy wanted to change Keziah's shoes that were given to her during her Birthday Celebrations to a larger size and so we trotted down to Vivo City after their nap. However, Crocs@Vivo has ran out of the design and we got her another design instead. Her new shoes....
We splurged on dinner tonight at Mommy's favourite Japanese restaurant, Shin Kushiya. The food was ever so good!

One thing about this place, their cold noodles are not the usual buckwheat green noodles but white ones with a firm bite yet silky. Daddy ordered on with accompanying duck broth dip. It tasted a little like miso sauce but nonetheless yummy.

We ordered the usual beef noodles for the kids and kushiyaki while Mommy had her sashimi rice bowl.

We also ordered Yakimono, charcoal grilled speciality. This kimchi stuff charcoal-grilled squid was fantastic! Despite it being spicy, our girl loved it, eating one piece after another eventhough she had to down water after every mouthful.

For the first time, we indulged in dessert here - black sesame icecream and plum wine tiramisu. What a glorious wrap up of the meal!

How our kids enjoyed the food. You will never go wrong with noodles with them.


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