Belated Mother's Day Celebrations

Last weekend was Mother's Day but we were plagued with the bug so finally we got out for a nice dinner tonight. We've gone back to the LINE @ Shangri La for a buffet dinner for both grandmas. The spread was still as usual with loads to eat. We had a good deal as usual with the hotel celebrating '39'. Seriously without 39% off the bill, we won't have gone there as seriously, the quality is ok but not fantastic.

The company

This was also Keziah's and Abel's first buffet. We were surprised at the amount our little girl could stomache. As usual, Abel was taking his gourmet tasting of bits and pieces here and there.

Some silly post dinner entertainment.

We actually brought colouring for them and Keziah's fad princess storybook. Somehow, Keziah only looked for some people to read to her and not others eventhough they were free and finishing off dinner while Daddy and Mommy were trying to eat theirs after feeding the kids. Even when Mommy deliberately suggested who to go to, she still kept coming back and afterawhile, kept her book. So kids really know who bothers based on what they do or don't do with them daily?

That brought to mind a sharing from one homestay mom who commented that his son rather go out with his maternal grandma (or was it godma?) who he sees only once a long while since she's in Australia and yet dislike visiting or going out with his paternal grandma who's living in Singapore. Based on observations, his mom suggested it's because one bothers to talk to him and play together and the other just leaves him to play on his own. Isn't this quite awakening how we mothers should be spending time with our kids even if we are exhausted working moms? It's not about showering them with gifts or keeping them quiet with food or tv (of course, that keeps them happy for that instant or quiet so that we could get on with our own work), rather it's the relationship that is build up from conversations and activities together.