Our new addition to the family…a vacuum cleaner cum air purifier.
Today, based on friend's introduction, a lady came to do a demo. Frankly speaking, Mommy just wanted a free service to clean up the kids' bed as there was some big ra ra over this relatively big machine to get rid of dust mites. Ok, it's a bit cheapskate. Neither was Daddy a fan of such marketing technique and so there was no intent to buy. Mommy must say that the capability of this machine to pick up dust and all was definitely impressive but very costly. You will definitely be amazed how dirty the water was in this water-powered vacuum cleaner after a mattress cleaning. Nonetheless, there wasn't a push factor to buy especially when blessed healthy kids with no respiratory issues. In fact, Mommy got a little impatient when the sales talk and demo ran on too long into the kids' bedtime. Yet, surprisingly our dear Daddy said yes coz he's not the kind who buys on impulse like Mommy! Ok, so you know who's going to be doing the vacuum job. 

Reasons for purchase: 
1) Kids breathe cleaner air since it can be used as daily as air purifier.
2) It can also double up as a cleaner for the curtains and aircon aside from mattress cleaning to remove dust mites and regular vacuuming.
3) Stronger suction to make vacuum a greater ease at lower power consumption.
4) Ease of cleaning and santising soft toys.

Well, if anyone is interested, do let Mommy know and she'll refer you to the sales as there is a further discount through friend referral.


The Kam family said...

We saw the same demo from Delfin at our house 2 weeks ago. Agree, it's definitely impressive how much dust it picked up. But we didn't buy at the end. Ask them to come back next month and evaluate further (paid service). But most likely not going to buy cos hubby said the kids don't have respiratory problems and the air don't have to be too clean, a bit of dust and bugs might helpt to build up the immunity :-)

Would like to hear more from you about this cleaner. If your feedback is very positive, we may seriously consider getting one. Thanks!

Joanie said...

Hi Kam,

Will let u know more about it. My friend who referred me definitely gained from it and her kid respiratory problem improved a great deal. I also think like you and was shocked when my hb said ok to the deal! It's juz crazy to pay so much for a vac and we also never been very clean coz working = v busy, not to mention do housework on my own. So far it's much easier to vacuum my place since I have to do my own housework coz it seemed more powerful in collecting dust and easier to move around the house coz the vacuum head is different from the normal one where you have to drag across the floor. Were you referred to by a friend? If not, let them know I've got it so they can give u a discount if you think of signing up their service or get machine. But think for yourself if you find it really useful and not be taken by the sales talk. Each household has a different need. I will prob use it to vac my window grills since I really hate cleaning them with water but yet can't stand dust accumulating on the frame. Saving also on aircon cleaning since we use aircon every night.