Our first museum trip

This weekend, we went to the National Museum as it was the Children's Season and during this period there were various interesting programs lined up for the kids. Furthermore, today there was free entry to all museums. So we took the chance to explore the museum and expose the kids. It was actually quite impromptu as we decided to stretch the kids a little after church to go ahead with this visit rather than going home to nap first. We queued for the puppet show and mingled with other kids at the various activity stations. Muz say there was really alot of activities to engage the kids, to get them tell stories and be told stories. Sadly, we forgot the camera.


tyan said...

hi babe,sorry i havent a chance to answer your question when i know what to do with Caleb. The truth is, i don't know. i just sort of let things take its course,sometimes it is after a visit to the museum,or a train ride,or something he saw that he developed an initial interest in something,then i just take it from there.:)