Lobster Porridge….

Nei Nei invited Yi Po for dinner and we tagged along to try out the lobster porridge @ Orchid Live Seafood along Jalan Kelulut. The food was really yummy that even our gourmet taster Abel gave his thumbs up! We were too busy eating that we haven't had time to catch pics of the food. The food was served a little too quickly for us to savour the taste to the fullest. We were all so full after the meal.


Princess of Smiles said...

I'm surprised that SY knows who Abel is!! I asked her does she see Abel in the playground, she said yes!

So I asked her to go give him a hug when she sees him next week.. hope it doesn't SHOCK him!!

Joanie said...

Heehee….yes surprise surprise the kids know each other better we expect. My hb was saying my son know who's from other class and whose parent is who. Probably his pronounciation is still not quite accurate so still gotta guess.