Parent Teacher Meeting

It's not common once you're in primary school but looks like it's now a norm in pre-school that parents have feedback sessions with the teachers. This was also a time for Daddy and Mommy to have a look at what she has done so far.

Thankfully comments have been relatively favourable aside for instances when she was 'too helpful', giving instructions to her classmates unnecessarily. It's just interesting to know that Keziah is very vocal in class, quick to learn and will respond readily when at home, she sometimes refuses to discuss the stories we read together. That's so much from one who says that she learns nothing everyday in school. Everywhere she goes, she's teacher's little helper (haha…or a better way to put bossing others around). However, what took Mommy for a surprise was that the syllabus coverage seemed rather basic for N2. Based on the discussion with her teacher,  it was, for English, simply knowing their abc's and their phonetic sounds and starting on readers in the later half of the year and for Math, counting 1-10. Hmmm…is this the norm too?