Alice in Wonderland @ Forum

We never fail to go for shows at Forum in the holidays coz they are always very satisfying. Mini musicals of a good 30 mins, short enough to catch the kids attention with the essence of what a musical or play is.

This time round it's Alice in Wonderland. We went along with K's classmate for the show this time round and the girls had great fun, not missing Abel out!

All the characters were in full suit and came out entertaining the kids with a tea party filled with Christmas songs. The characters were to solve a riddle before Santa would appear! What to get in place?

Alice and Rabbit...

Then came Mad Hatter

Rabbit and the Red Queen of Hearts

The kids were all so engrossed! 

They've got everything in place -  the characters and the tea party all set and waited. But no Santa! 

What's missing? Just the need to hang up your stockings and go to sleep. And there he is!