More letter d and water cycle

Today we listened to the song "Raindrops keep falling on my head". Wasn't quite an appropriate song for little ones coz there were just too much words. Nonetheless we enjoyed the song. We tried to create drops using a syringe. It was definitely fun for the kids however we couldn't quite see the ripple effect. Next time would have to try out using milk in the bowl and probably some coloured water in a bigger syringe and see if we could observe the ripple effect with the bigger droplets.

We dripped a few droplets on a paper and asked the kids to predict what will happen. Following, we tried to mimic the life of a water droplet as it evaporates, condenses and falls back to ground in a water cycle. The kids had so much fun with the drama and giggled so much.

Next is craft time to create our own water cycle. Mommy cut out a cloud and Abel did some hole punching followed by threading. 
 Keziah was busy filling up her raindrops with words beginning with letter 'd' and cutting them out. Ok, she needs to improve on her handwriting but getting better with sounding words out. We learnt some new blends: -ing, -ong, -oo, dr-.

Keziah and Abel also created a sun out of crepe paper which were pinched into small balls to exercise their finger skills. Last but not least, was to piece them all up. Keziah decided to add in some sand and waves drawing with a little help from Mommy in blending. Finally, Mommy filled in the terms.