Letter E - short vowel

We started back on our routine of letter adventure. Seriously there's really few short vowel letter 'E' to walk about. So we played around with EGGS one morning for breakfast. Trying to guess which egg was cooked and which was raw.

Cooked egg spins fast 

Raw eggs wobbles due to inertia since the yolk is in motion.

Nothing it's better than eating it up!

Incidentally Mommy found a dvd on How the egg becomes chick from the library titled Magic School Bus Cracks a Yolk.

Books we found too at the library:
The elephant story
If the elephant wore trousers
Eggs and Chicken
Deers - to know about elk

We sang some silly ELEPHANT song and rhyme:

Eddy Elephant
(Tune: Oh the grand old duke of York)
Here comes Eddy Elephant
To talk to you and me
He just says ‘e…’
He just says ‘e…’
He belongs to Mr E.

The Elephant
Here comes the elephant,
he moves so slowly.
His trunk swings to and fro.
He’s so big,
he can’t even jump.
He sits down with a great big thump!

Next, we explored our mystery ENVELOPE to find our memory verse for the week!

More to come….