Lotus Desaru 29 - 31 Dec

The last getaway before the school term starts! We explored this resort with our church mate.

 Never ending water fun that never fails to keep the kids happy!
 They even had the flume…Keziah finally sat in it on her own.

 Crashing waves on the shores in the early morning...

 Can't miss seafood dinner at least for once on the trip to Desaru. So good that we were busy eating away and forgot to take shots of the delicious food till we had finished it all.
 Ostrich Farm enroute back home..
 Abel had no fear feeding those ostriches. Some were mild but others could rip your vegetables off your hands if you don't grip them tight.

What does an ostrich which shed its feathers look like?
 High protein low cholestrol ostrich meat and omelette.