Road Trip to Malaysia 12 - 15 Dec

We tagged along our friends on a road trip to Malaysia. This time we headed for Port Dickson, Sunway Lagoon @ KL and A'Famosa at Ayer Keroh all in 4D3N. A total of 7 cars and 8 families sped their way up. We headed out early at 5.30 am and only stop over for breakfast at Machap.

Frankly, we were the odd one out as the rest of the families have always met up every now and then, and we really only know the Lians. It's heartwarming to see how Keziah could mingle easily with the rest and Cheryl never fail to keep Keziah in the loop despite having all her gang of friends around her. In fact, the two were always hanging out together. How simple are kids' friendship!

First stop: The Port Dickson Mini Zoo. Yes, mini as it says but animals are always amazing to the kids.
The kids were so fascinated over feeding the goats that they practically picked up all the leaves on the ground to feed them.
 What's Abel plucking? Starfruit! First time seeing starfruit trees! Guess what, the goats ate them too.

A lunch of seafood.

 We were at Avilion for the day. It's one resort we were never tired of going back to again. Coincidentally there was a carnival going on and the kids had some fun with simple games.
 Wet and wild as usual.
 As the sun went down….
 The two 'monkeys' got wild in the room after a shower down.
 Never fail to appreciate the sunset.

 We were all so tired so it's hitting the nearest place for dinner. A simple local fare. The fish was yummy though.

13 December
We headed down to Sunway Lagoon and arrived at Sunway Pyramid Hotel.

The room was fantastic. Cozy and we had great view of the other hotel and Sunway Lagoon from our window!
Without further ado, we headed for the theme park. We explored the Wildlife Park.
Interesting animals in sight! Hedgehogs, Star Tortoise, Red and Green Iguana (first time Mommy knew there were red ones around), Wallabies, Skunk and many more. Mommy also learnt something new that turtles have flippers and tortoises have legs while terrapins can live both no land and water. Such a trivial truth but Mommy just missed it!
 Abel certainly had no fear of feeding the animals and petting them.

Now, it's Amusement Park time. Rides for the old and young.

Then it's all soaked in the Water Park!
The complete group photo of all 16 adults and 14 children!

Sumptuous dinner at a Taiwan Restaurant at Sunway Pyramid Mall.
 Just a stroll around the mall after dinner and guess what the kids found?
 The lovely night scene...

14 December
An early morning walk before we left for A'Famosa.

Off we go to A'Famosa. Real countryside with condo style living.
 After settling down we drove off to Malacca for lunch at Jonker 88 which was well known for its desserts.

15 December
We ventured down for go-karting in the vicinity.
The kids were all excited to go on it. However our dear girl was just happy being the beauty to accompany the beau. All all had great fun being driver or pillion as they feel the win breeze past them.
The happy kids!

Our water babies just didn't get enough of water. So off we headed for Seng Kang Swimming Complex to explore the pool, one of the newest with exciting water features for the kids.

Till the next trip!