Farm trail...

Well the kids in the rarest occasion slept in till 8 am. So we had a late start with breakfast at our favourite porridge store and on with a farm trail. Lim Chu Kang is one area we have a farming cluster. Though not the first time we are going there, the last we went were ages ago when Abel was not even born.

First destination: Hay Dairies Goat Farm
So disappointing we missed the milking of the goats. So if you ever want to go down for that segment, be there early between 9 - 11 am. Even more unexpected was that we weren't allowed to feed the goats anymore! AVA has issued a statement to avoid close contact between humans and the goats. So well, we simply enjoyed a walk around, seeing goats from a distance and drinking goat's milk. 

Destination 2: Jurong Frog Farm
Wow, the many tadpoles and frogs. Hmmm..didn't realise tadpoles can be that big! A quick recap of the lifecycle of frogs that we talked about some time ago with with kids.

Destination 3: Gardenasia for lunch
A nice little hideout for an alfresco lunch among the greens. Price is a little steep but the salads were great!

Destination 4: Qianhu
The famous fish spa. Surprise Surprise, our girl was game for a try and was so tickled by the fish nibbling on her feet. Interesting to note though, the fish didn't really cluster around the kids' feet but the adults'. So guess we adults have worn our feed so much that we need some fish therapy.
 Abel finally joined his sister for a dip after seeing the fun she had.
 A new type of spa fish. The big one for a bigger sensation. Really feel like sanding off your dead skin..

Whew! What a lot to see…the kids were even asking to see the crocodile farms and chicken farms after examining the map but I think we had enough. Furthermore, not all farms were opened to public.