Changi Village

We had an extra day off in view of polling day and since it was Mother's Day weekend, we took the opportunity to getaway for a short hotel stay at Changi Village Resort Hotel.
 It was nice and cozy in the room with great view. The kids were so fascinated by the open concept bath.
 Nothing beats swimming on the roof top and watching air planes fly by.
Dinner was local fare at the hawker centre nearby. You'll be surprised by the good food you get over here at cheap prices.
 Cooling coconut to quench your thirst. Even the flesh of the fruit was not spared.
Next morning we went out to the beach for sandplay which the kids hardly had time for. Interestingly, the sand at Changi were so fine but since it was low tide, the area near the seafront was rather coarse. One thing not too pleasing was that the beach was littered with rubbish. As usual they will be building their structures, picking shells and anything they found interesting...
 Us four...
 Mom and kids...
 We managed to catch sight of the fisherman unloading their live catch!
Lunch as at Jacob's cafe just a block off the hotel based on reviews from We must admit the food was good. The baked marconi was layered just like lasagne and loaded with cheese and beef. The beef goulash was so well made that every mouth was full of flavour. The brownie was just as good and the kids just didn't have enough of it.