RSAF Open House

Our little adventure at one of such Open House. We took the shuttle bus from Eunos as Daddy said we weren't allowed to drive there. The queue for the bus was amazingly long! Well after arriving we realised you could drive but it's a matter of whether there's parking lot. Nonetheless, the kids were very excited about seeing fighter jets.
Lots of picture taking but sadly the queue to be on board one of these fighter jets or helicopters was far too long, not to mention to want to try on being dressed like a pilot or have a chance at lucky draw for a ride on the aircraft like C130 or apache.
The beau and the babe!
The highlight..the airshow..However Abel was still alarmed by the loud jet engine that he just couldn't keep his hands off his ears. Keziah on the other hand enjoyed the show a lot and was asking so many questions.
The trip back was horrendous, not to care that was any preggy! Think we waited almost an hour getting through the crowd and heat to get on the shuttle bus. Certainly an experience to remember.