Movie night out!

We haven't been out to movies a long time and since tomorrow is a May day holiday, it's our night out! We had to be careful with the movie we chose as the kids were highly affected by the visual and audio stimulation. Rio looked promising and simple enough for these animal lovers to attempt.

We chose a less crowded cinema GV Grand and took leisure time out for dinner. Keziah was just simply into Japanese food. Of course, Abel would be in total agreement being a noodle lover.  We walked into Sapporo Ramen BISHAMON.

Without much doubt, Abel chose this set, not because of the food but the presentation! Nonetheless, he did quite a good job finishing most of the food.
 The rest of us had noodles...
Verdict of the food: Good for Singapore but can't be compared to the Ramen we had at those standing shopfront in Japan. Cheap and good!
The highlight!
Can't go without the popcorn...
Favourite character at the end,
Abel: "Blu" (with great certainty)
Keziah: "The two bluebirds…Blu and Jew"

Best part of the show,
Keziah: "The end part….Blu set free all the birds."

Good and simple story for the kids.
Morale of the story:
1) "Must always try and not avoid trying just because you had never done it before." Blu, in captivity as a pet, never knew how to fly and think he can't fly. He only realised he could when coerced by the situation. Do we wait till then?
2) Always think for your friends and not just yourself.
3) Reading makes one wiser. Though Blu doesn't know how to fly but he had read so much that he knows many things in theory to try out when faced with the situation.