A house for a hermit crab - Part 2

We did really simple things today. Just simple motor skills of scooping beans which the kids have well mastered it over time into some old socks we got from airlines to make our beanie sea anemone.

Then, it was just outdoor time to familiarise Abel with number sequence 1-10 in ascending and descending order with none else but good old hopscotch which Mommy drew using chalk. For Keziah, she had to hop to the number on which her beanie had landed and tell the number before and after above it all. Of course, most of the time, our dear Abel was just too happy throwing his 'sea anemone' around.

Some Math activities we did over the past days….

The fish were really meant for Abel to sort by size and count but Keziah had good fun doing likewise on top of searching out the middle fish, from the left 2nd fish, 4th fish, from the right first fish and 'gobbling' them up.