Abel at 16.5mths

Time really flies. Now Abel's 16.5 months. What is he able to do now?
Babbling alot
Calling "mama", "dada", "ah ma", "nei nei", "ah ta"
Very good with using his pointer to indicate what he wants.
Signing certain words to meet his needs: "eat", "more", "sleep", "shoes", Waving hello and goodbyes, sending flying kisses, nods his head to say "yes"

Gross motor skills
stack 6 blocks together
stacking buckets in order (that's if they are placed in order)
Riding his mobile car
Trying to climb the door grilles
Taking books to read and ask someone to read
Throw balls and kick them
STarting to climb the stairs on his own
Walking up the stairs while being held by hand
Dance to music and do the actions to "twinkle twinkle little stars" and "if you are happy (only clapping)"
"Comb" his hair
Open his own drinking cup and drink from it.

He's just such an active happy little boy..


Princess of Smiles said...

totally agree that he is a happy boy. think he and SY had a great time yesterday but SY prob got to his limit when she keeps pushing down the buckets he stacked!! =)

should meet up more!!