Injury prone...

Today just wasn't a very good day. Abel was getting injured one after another. First, he was shaking the cot that Mommy brought out for sale and it fell on him. Daddy found him under the cot and crying. It must have hit him on his head near his eye, causing a cut. Didn't know how that happen.

Next, Nei Nei let the two kids out to the porch area to run around after their shower while Daddy and Mommy got ready to take both out as Keziah was having music class. Who knows the next thing we heard was his cry again! All we were told was that Abel still didn't know how to walk well. It's not unusual that he falls but this time round, it was bad. He was bleeding from his mouth, his upper teeth must have cut into his lower lip. The bleeding was quite bad and took awhile to stop. First time that Mommy saw a toddler's mouth full of blood, not to mention it's her own son. His lower lip was swollen thereafter.
Ok, maybe boys will after all be more hardy as a result.