Catepillar update 3 - Time to go..

It's Sunday morning and Keziah got up and went downstairs on her own while Daddy and Mommy were still in bed. When Mommy got down, she exclaimed "Catepillar has become a butterfly". Mommy was still in a dazed - Butterfly? Oh, the little one in cocoon has broke through and stood half emerging with shrivered wings.

It took awhile for its wings to dry out but we noticed that there were blood stains from the butterfly. Wonder what that is.

By late afternoon, its wings are fully formed and ready to go. Here's our little girl who proudly released it. Well, it's Daddy that released it as she didn't dare to hold the butterfly. Several times later in the evening, she still asked, "Butterfly will come back? I want the butterfly to come back.". Dearie, sorry, the butterfly has to go out to hunt for food and find its friends. We will have to watch the other catepillar till its ready to go like this one.

Some bubble fun after the release of the butterfly. Abel got the hang of bursting the bubbles!


Mummy N said...


so nice!!!! :) c's is still in the cacoon... i am getting a little worried.. hahaha