Out to Jacob Ballas again..

It's been awhile we haven't been there. Time for the kids to have some fun playing around the garden. This time round, Abel was more aware and certainly enjoyed himself with all that he saw and of course, the sand and water play. He was simply observing what other little kids were doing and tried to follow along after a little while. Then he realised it was fun! Finally he got himself all wet. Our cautious little one..


Princess of Smiles said...

Hey! I'm thinking of visiting this place with SY... but it's quite big right? Where are the must visit spots??

btw, this is my nick (Hui Lin)

Joanie said...

Sure she'll love it. Not really that big actually. Could arrange one day to take the kids out but would recommend early morning as it gets rather hot by the time it hits late 9ish 10am or unless late evening after 5pm.