Finlly a dip again...Playground is back!

Yes, finally we inflated the pool and had a dip again. Abel hasn't been very well and so we haven't been swimming for a good long time. Imagine at 16.5mths, this was only his 2nd time in water. The first was in Bukit Batok CSC pool. We had so wanted to allow him to swim but his constant cough and flu set us back. Any remedy to strength him? It seems like the colostrum and multivits that we had been giving him hasn't done much wonders.

Afternote: Well, Abel's down again with runny nose and cough...caught a cold?

Though we are moving out this week, Daddy decided after clearing some toys to "revive" the playground now that both kids are of good age to have fun on it. Inhouse fun...Abel is a real imitator. He does what he sees his sister does, even in the way he climbed the slide.