Two lovingly ones

Today, Keziah was off from school as it was their founder's day. Mommy decided to let them do things together to enjoy the bonding as sibling. It's just how amazing they loved playing together. Or should we say, how Keziah loved playing with or bossing her brother and showering together, aside from occasions of snatching toys.

Of course, Mommy tried to have a "date" with Keziah as well while leaving Abel in Nei Nei's care. We went out shopping at Jurong Point with Aunt Pat and Ruth. It's now a really big shopping centre compared to what Mommy remembered when she was a teacher trainee at NIE. There were loads of interesting things to see and girlie stuff like hair accessories, kids clothes, shoes etc. It's only then Mommy realised how truely a girl Keziah was. Like all girls, she shopped, picking at nice hair bands, ties and even rings that she sees, trying on shoes one after another while Mommy browsed around, not to forget insisting on wanting to buy a princess water bottle eventhough she has another at home. We did finally buy a pair of shoes and a hairtie and clips which were gifts from Aunt Pat.