Animal resort and Pets

Ir'a Vesak Day and there's no music lesson. It's a good time to go on our little pet farm visit which we wanted to do some time back. So we ventured to Animal resort @ Jalan Kayu to have a look at what they have. Not a large number of animals but a good chance for the kids to feed the animals.

Cheryl and Keziah's feeding the rabbits and geese...

Since the Lians wanted to get a "pet" for Cheryl, we tagged along as well to the Butterfly Lodge @ Oh's Farm in Yishun. What a coincidence that we met mommy's ex-colleague from TJC whom we found father-in-law owned the farm. It was really great pleasure to meet up and a great generousity on his part to give us a running commentary on the butterflies, their growth and development and their habits. It was so much knowledge that made a great difference to our trip.

While Keziah and Cheryl were trying to get their hands on the camera to get some arty shots, little Abel was happily roaming around.

More than that, we even caught the butterfly laying eggs. Interestingly, the butterflies lay eggs on the underside of the leaves.

Then it's time for getting the "pets" - the catepillars! Unlike what we think catepillars are like, all green, different species looked just different and in fact, quite pretty and hairy. The catepillar survivor kit came complete with instructions to tend and care for the little thing and their food, the leaves for 6 days before they pupate.

Keziah's would be Tawny Coster: