Art Garden @ SAM

This holiday there was quite a lot of programmes put up by the museums. Mommy decided to bring us to venture into the Art Garden @ the Singapore Art Museum together with Aunt Irene and her kids. It's our first visit and we must say it's quite interesting though the kids might be a little too young to appreciate the exhibits fully.

We hopped around and explored the texture, size and shapes in Walter the rabbit's garden.

Explored the enchanted forest and made some butterflies to add on to the many which were already there. However, Keziah decided she wanted to bring hers home rather than leaving it there to join the rest.

In Floribots, we saw how the flower grew from a bud and blossom. Yes, more crafts…we made origami flowers and added to the large collage there.

The kids loved this. Funky forest and Dasies which were interactive which allowed the kids to discover how their movements made streams 'flow' and trees and flowers 'grow' and disappear.