A house for a hermit crab - Part 4

We looked at some shells in pictures but nothing beats seeing them in real.

Today Mommy had school event in the morning and Daddy decided that we will still have our family day out to the zoo in the afternoon. However, the weather was not in our favour and it poured as we headed down. Plans aborted and we went Ikea. Afterwhich, Mommy suggested going to the beach since we were so near Changi, a place we hardly venture since it's quite out of the way for us. It was also cause Mommy wanted to see if we could chance upon crabs burrowing in the sand. Yes, there was a recent oil spill but Mommy thought we will still head down to see the situation. Daddy obliged. Surprisingly, the beach was cleaned and for the first time, Mommy noticed the large amount of seaweed washed up to the shore and plenty of sea shells littering the beach.
Keziah was happily playing with sand and picking up the different shells, so many that she had to use her shoe to hold them since we weren't prepared for it. There were the usual plain clam shells that you would find on the beach but also snail shells and also those with pattern.

On the other hand, Abel took some time to warm up to the grainy feeling of sand in his shoes before he went about exploring the shoreline and picking up shells after his sister.

After all the fun, it was food time at nowhere else nearer than Changi Village. Guess most on the east would know of Charlie's at Changi Village market. They serve really fresh fish and chips with great tartar sauce.

No one can resist fries. What more when you have gorgeous tartar sauce as ac compliment!