The sun, the sea, the sand….Port Dickson Avillion

We simply loved this resort though it's our first trip. We had our chalet over the sea and the morning view our of the window was just amazing. The sky so clear, the clouds so fluffy with the waves gently lapping the beach.

There's a pet farm in this resort where the kids could feed and touch animals such as rabbits, turtles, roosters and hens, and peacocks. The kids weren't even afraid to approach them and Abel especially, was just running around picking food and feeding the animals.

Never knew you could hand-feed a turtle.

What's next but the beach! Yes we had a short play at the beach coz it was juz too hot when it's late morning.

A cool dip at the pool was great! The slide kept our active Keziah active but Abel was just happy playing with leaves along the pool, singing his "Row, row, row the boat".

Keziah is always up earlier from Abel from his nap. Yes, we never missed naps for the kids as this trip was really just rest and relax and play. So Mommy just took her to the kids' cabin to be occupied with some Batik Paining for RM20. She loved it so much that she kept asking for more. Next trip, my dear.

Being a little adventureous, we decided to take a short walk out down the ratty Malaysia Road to a stretch of eatery that we passed by on driving to the resort (about 500m away). It was really simply fried rice and beef noodle soup and side dishes of vegetable soup and stir fried beef. Not fantastic but was a cheap RM 17 for four compared to RM78 for buffet in the resort.

There was this night market along the way and we passed by to browse. Keziah insisted on a kite and we bought her one at a surprisingly cheap RM5 without even having to bargain. Malays are really honest in the villages I guessed.

Home sweet home with a nice warm bath...