The sun, the sea, the sand….our way home…Ostrich and Melaka

Time to say goodbye after 3 days of fun.

Today the tide was really high and seas were rough. It was washing up high to our chalet and even carving out a little cliff by the beach where we played on.

There was a nearby ostrich farm and we popped by. Keziah had been to the one in Desaru which was alot better but she had no recollection and it's the first for Abel.

Do you know the ostrich can lay 40-90 eggs a year and these eggs are real hardy, taking up a load of up to 120kg?

Not missing out the ostrich meat satay.

Here we got to see some monkeys and even to touch and feel them. The kids were so excited and didn't even squirm a bit when were asked to touch the creature.

On route back, we headed for Melaka for the well known Hainese Chicken Rice Balls and Chenol Dessert. The streets were busy and these two places we chose based on review were packed with people that many had to queue.

Something different.

A short walk down the street really reminded us of good old Singapore in the 80s.

The deserts…we had chenol, ice kechung and gula melaka sago. Conclusion, quite nice but not over the hill. Guess the secret is in the gula melaka that they used.

To avoid queue…it's eating in...

We'll be back!