A house for a hermit crab - Part 3

Making our house and flat! Mommy thought about paper marche that she did when she was young and attempted for the little ones to make starch glue out of plain flour since some had just expired. They were happily adding water and mixing observing and feeling the consistency after the flour has been mixed. Of course, Mommy did the heating and finally when the mixture was cooled, it was our good sticky glue.

So the kids went about painting the glue on the empty tissue boxes in our efforts to recycle things we had, tearing waste paper and finally gluing them on bit by bit.

Nothing excites them more than painting the colours after the glue was dried. We had red and yellow to begin with. Keziah was challenged to pain her flat in alternate colours for different levels and she soon realised when yellow mixed with red, it became orange. Remember a story we read about "Colours of us" in which tells how a girl's mommy taught her how there are different shades of brown by relating to the different skintones of people they met and one could make brown out of red, yellow, black and white, we tried it out. It worked!

Abel was having great fun just painting. One thing unique about this little boy, he's always very neat with his work. Even without an apron, he didn't mess his shirt. Rather when he got paint on his hands, he will ask to be cleaned.

Keziah now has better control of her brush. Mommy was actually quite glad to see her work with colours being distinct from one another.

We are still working on the final bits to put in the windows for Keziah's flat and the other parts for Abel's house. We will probably finish off with comparing the two and looking at some home's of animals, writing our address and learning about ordinal numbers through the different levels in a block of flat.