The neighbourhood...

Saturday was simply exploring the neighbourhood. It's just such a busy place. Being Arts Fest, there's this group that was doing funky hairstyles for the audience. How interesting but I really wonder if some were actually males rather than females. Keziah's definitely enjoying the ride on the back on top of the crowd to catch what's going on.

We've moved...

Yes, we have moved to our new place...the packing and unpacking was quite a horror and we didn't even clear out totally from my in-law's. Just look at the stuff we have..

Tracing and colouring

Mommy started doing some work with Keziah. We started with some tracing and colouring. Keziah seemed to have a lot better control of her pencil now though still as impatient and lack focus when it came to colouring within the line.

Mommy thought we could try writing letters together and we started with 'A' and 'a' by holding Keziah's hand but guess she's not quite wiling to. We will have to try again.

Finlly a dip again...Playground is back!

Yes, finally we inflated the pool and had a dip again. Abel hasn't been very well and so we haven't been swimming for a good long time. Imagine at 16.5mths, this was only his 2nd time in water. The first was in Bukit Batok CSC pool. We had so wanted to allow him to swim but his constant cough and flu set us back. Any remedy to strength him? It seems like the colostrum and multivits that we had been giving him hasn't done much wonders.

Afternote: Well, Abel's down again with runny nose and cough...caught a cold?

Though we are moving out this week, Daddy decided after clearing some toys to "revive" the playground now that both kids are of good age to have fun on it. Inhouse fun...Abel is a real imitator. He does what he sees his sister does, even in the way he climbed the slide.

Injury prone...

Today just wasn't a very good day. Abel was getting injured one after another. First, he was shaking the cot that Mommy brought out for sale and it fell on him. Daddy found him under the cot and crying. It must have hit him on his head near his eye, causing a cut. Didn't know how that happen.

Next, Nei Nei let the two kids out to the porch area to run around after their shower while Daddy and Mommy got ready to take both out as Keziah was having music class. Who knows the next thing we heard was his cry again! All we were told was that Abel still didn't know how to walk well. It's not unusual that he falls but this time round, it was bad. He was bleeding from his mouth, his upper teeth must have cut into his lower lip. The bleeding was quite bad and took awhile to stop. First time that Mommy saw a toddler's mouth full of blood, not to mention it's her own son. His lower lip was swollen thereafter.
Ok, maybe boys will after all be more hardy as a result.

Two lovingly ones

Today, Keziah was off from school as it was their founder's day. Mommy decided to let them do things together to enjoy the bonding as sibling. It's just how amazing they loved playing together. Or should we say, how Keziah loved playing with or bossing her brother and showering together, aside from occasions of snatching toys.

Of course, Mommy tried to have a "date" with Keziah as well while leaving Abel in Nei Nei's care. We went out shopping at Jurong Point with Aunt Pat and Ruth. It's now a really big shopping centre compared to what Mommy remembered when she was a teacher trainee at NIE. There were loads of interesting things to see and girlie stuff like hair accessories, kids clothes, shoes etc. It's only then Mommy realised how truely a girl Keziah was. Like all girls, she shopped, picking at nice hair bands, ties and even rings that she sees, trying on shoes one after another while Mommy browsed around, not to forget insisting on wanting to buy a princess water bottle eventhough she has another at home. We did finally buy a pair of shoes and a hairtie and clips which were gifts from Aunt Pat.

A little 'helper' or otherwise?

Home with Abel has been rather interesting and challenging. Somehow it's about finding things for him to do but after some talk with some stay-home friends, Mommy just let him do what she does. Mundane job of hanging the laundry but it became a circuit training for him to expend him energy running to and fro. Erm, guess he got bored after awhile and decided to do something more "creative" with the laundry than passing it on to Mommy...

Abel at 16.5mths

Time really flies. Now Abel's 16.5 months. What is he able to do now?
Babbling alot
Calling "mama", "dada", "ah ma", "nei nei", "ah ta"
Very good with using his pointer to indicate what he wants.
Signing certain words to meet his needs: "eat", "more", "sleep", "shoes", Waving hello and goodbyes, sending flying kisses, nods his head to say "yes"

Gross motor skills
stack 6 blocks together
stacking buckets in order (that's if they are placed in order)
Riding his mobile car
Trying to climb the door grilles
Taking books to read and ask someone to read
Throw balls and kick them
STarting to climb the stairs on his own
Walking up the stairs while being held by hand
Dance to music and do the actions to "twinkle twinkle little stars" and "if you are happy (only clapping)"
"Comb" his hair
Open his own drinking cup and drink from it.

He's just such an active happy little boy..

Older will serve the younger

How true of that statement...and she loves doing it! Hopefully this extra pair of hands will come in handy when we are out..

Finger Painting..

It's really tough being a SAHM, thinking of activities to keep the little one occupied especially after his nap. Now that he takes only 1 nap a day, there's so much free time that Mommy doesn't really know what to do. Today we tried some finger painting. See his artwork...

Catepillar update 3 - Time to go..

It's Sunday morning and Keziah got up and went downstairs on her own while Daddy and Mommy were still in bed. When Mommy got down, she exclaimed "Catepillar has become a butterfly". Mommy was still in a dazed - Butterfly? Oh, the little one in cocoon has broke through and stood half emerging with shrivered wings.

It took awhile for its wings to dry out but we noticed that there were blood stains from the butterfly. Wonder what that is.

By late afternoon, its wings are fully formed and ready to go. Here's our little girl who proudly released it. Well, it's Daddy that released it as she didn't dare to hold the butterfly. Several times later in the evening, she still asked, "Butterfly will come back? I want the butterfly to come back.". Dearie, sorry, the butterfly has to go out to hunt for food and find its friends. We will have to watch the other catepillar till its ready to go like this one.

Some bubble fun after the release of the butterfly. Abel got the hang of bursting the bubbles!

Out to Jacob Ballas again..

It's been awhile we haven't been there. Time for the kids to have some fun playing around the garden. This time round, Abel was more aware and certainly enjoyed himself with all that he saw and of course, the sand and water play. He was simply observing what other little kids were doing and tried to follow along after a little while. Then he realised it was fun! Finally he got himself all wet. Our cautious little one..

Catepillar update 2

Just today, we realised the other catepillar had shed its skin! THe little on in the cocoon was still as quite though now the cocoon was really quite nicely patterned like tiger stripes.

MOther's Day pressies...

Oh yes, not to forget the little sweeties Keziah first made with remembrance of what Mother's Day truely is...

From Sunday School...

From School...

Catepillar Update

Mommy was just changing the sheet and adding a new leave for Keziah's pet and guess what she saw, one of them was hanging almost vertical. Mommy thought it was dying. A moment later, all the hair dropped of and an apparent cocoon was starting to form. It's going into pupa stage. It's faster than what we thought. Keziah will be very excited when she sees this later tonight.

Bubble time

The all time favourite...bubble time for the kids..

Abel was totally amazed and definitely into trying to blow his own bubbles..

Stacking buckets

Abel's getting really good at this. Though he still doesn't know how to distinguish sizes, he could stack them well if you put them in order for him.

MOther's Day

We had a simple dinner at The Vines Restaurant just across the road with Nei Nei and Ta Ta as part of celebration of Mother's Day. Keziah really ate her fill and Mommy really wondered if the spagetti was that good that she finished every bit of it.

Surprisingly, the food was rather yummy and a huge portion.

Sadly, Daddy didn't plan anything really of a surprise for Mommy. It would have been the lovely if Daddy could just get made things a little special. Guess we all had been rather tired.

Animal resort and Pets

Ir'a Vesak Day and there's no music lesson. It's a good time to go on our little pet farm visit which we wanted to do some time back. So we ventured to Animal resort @ Jalan Kayu to have a look at what they have. Not a large number of animals but a good chance for the kids to feed the animals.

Cheryl and Keziah's feeding the rabbits and geese...

Since the Lians wanted to get a "pet" for Cheryl, we tagged along as well to the Butterfly Lodge @ Oh's Farm in Yishun. What a coincidence that we met mommy's ex-colleague from TJC whom we found father-in-law owned the farm. It was really great pleasure to meet up and a great generousity on his part to give us a running commentary on the butterflies, their growth and development and their habits. It was so much knowledge that made a great difference to our trip.

While Keziah and Cheryl were trying to get their hands on the camera to get some arty shots, little Abel was happily roaming around.

More than that, we even caught the butterfly laying eggs. Interestingly, the butterflies lay eggs on the underside of the leaves.

Then it's time for getting the "pets" - the catepillars! Unlike what we think catepillars are like, all green, different species looked just different and in fact, quite pretty and hairy. The catepillar survivor kit came complete with instructions to tend and care for the little thing and their food, the leaves for 6 days before they pupate.

Keziah's would be Tawny Coster:

Muffin time again...

This time round we had the Lians to join us in muffin making. It's just to let the kids be little cooks, stirring, mixing, scooping...

Shu Shu's birthday

We are at a party at McDonald's! It's none other than our Shu Shu's birthday...Let's relive some beautiful childhood fun!

The birthday boy...

The kids going wild...

Abel's 5th and 6th teeth

Abel's now has 6 teeth at 15.5 mths. His 5th and 6th teeth sprouted only in the last 1 month or so. Mommy hasn't been tracking to date but the rate seems rather slow. Maybe that's the reason why he still doesn't like to eat fruits like apple where he really needs to bite in.